31 minutes | Dec 10th 2020

From Macros to Habits: Evolving Nutrition Coaching

After Jen Broxterman switched her nutrition-coaching program from a macros-based method to a habits-based method, her revenue increased from $40,000 a year to $150,000. When Lindsey VanSchoyck made the switch, hers went from $56,000 to $116,000—and her length of engagement went from three or four months to almost a year. Here’s how you can get the same results.


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2:16 – Habits-based nutrition coaching vs. counting macros.

3:27 – How habits-based coaching leads to greater client consistency, success and length of engagement.

6:14 – Why gym owners should consider making the switch: ease of implementation and insurability.

8:49 – How habits-based nutrition coaching helped Jen and Lindsey double their revenues.

11:08 – Why it works.

14:04 – How habits-based nutrition coaching improves client length of engagement.

16:20 – Client success with habits-based nutrition coaching.

17:38 – Doctor-approved.

19:06 – Research to back it up.

22:50 – How to transition clients from macros to habits.

24:07 – Macros aren’t the devil—but obsessive counting doesn’t lead to results.

26:26 – A plug-and-play program for gym owners.

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