30 minutes | Jan 11th 2021

Five-Figure Clients: How CrossFit MASS Does It

The average long-term value of a client at CrossFit MASS is over $10,000.

So what's owner Joe Venuti's secret? Is it about rates? Specialty programs? Sales wizardry? And how does he plan to keep that number high?

Mike Warkentin digs in with all those questions and more in this episode of Two-Brain Radio.


CrossFit Mass
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Driven Nutrition
The State of the Industry 2020


2:28 – Where does high LTV come from? 

4:04 – Factoring in ARM and LEG.

7:40 – How CrossFit MASS achieved average client retention of 41 months.

8:46 – The rate debate: to grandfather or not.

15:42 – Weighing long-term value of raising rates vs. grandfathering long-term clients.

19:52 – Client retention.

24:42 – Joe’s advice to gym owners looking to increase LTV.

26:04 – Replicating seed clients.

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