36 minutes | Jul 26, 2021

Fat-Shaming and Gyms: Are Your Ads Triggers?

Are you an accidental fat-shamer? On July 1, Pinterest released a press release banning weight-loss testimonials, products and before-and-after pictures.  Pinterest isn't the only company to move in that direction; online, the debate rages: If you're selling nutrition and fitness coaching, are you body shaming? Or helping people get what they want? It's a complex subject, so Two-Brain Radio host Mike Warkentin brought in an expert, psychotherapist Bonnie Skinner. In this episode, she explains how triggers — like before-and-after pictures — work, the difference between self-worth and weight, and how gym owners can use language to clarify exactly what they're selling. Links:Drink O2Level MethodGym Owners UnitedTimeline:2:17 – What’s the problem with before-and-after pictures?4:19 – What happens beneath the surface when someone looks at your ad.6:33 – “Nobody can make you feel anything.”9:25 – Self-efficacy and self-improvement. 10:59 – The messages we’re sending our brains.13:19 – How to connect with people without triggering shame.16:57 – How to advertise weight loss.20:53 – Responding to backlash. 23:26 – How to use before-and-after pictures responsibly.26:16 – What are you actually selling?31:54 – All about reframing. 
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