36 minutes | Dec 31st 2020

Common Characteristics of the World’s Top Gym Owners

Certified Two-Brain Mentor Josh Price has mentored some of the best gym owners in the business—including four of this year’s Two-Brain Award winners.

Here’s what they have in common, how they’ve become so good at what they do and tactics you can use to level up your game in 2021.


When No One Sees Your Vision (and It’s all Your Fault)
How to Be a Better Leader in 2021
The State of the Industry
The Big Win: When Your Gym Supports Your Lifestyle
Sinking Ship to Rocket Ship: How Brandon Evans Did It
Consistent 30% Profit Margins: How Mike Collette Does It
When Your Clients Want to Tell the World About You
The Fired Client Rebellion and the Comeback of the Year
The Secrets of Incredible Staff Development
Creating a Culture of Care at Your Gym
The Second Shutdown Plan for Gym Owners
Two-Brain Coaching
Incite Tax: Profit First for Microgyms


2:27 – The common thread between Two-Brain’s top gym owners.

5:20 – What you need to be a great leader.

8:23 – How to get your team on the same page.

10:34 – Narrowing your vision.

14:21 – Mentorship and the Two-Brain Roadmap.

18:15 – The one thing every successful gym owner does.

20:07 – Responding to objections to mentorship.

23:54 – Numbers never lie.

27:20 – What to do today to start strong in 2021.

29:12 – Using tactics to prepare for when plans go awry.

33:12 – How to connect tactics to your vision.

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