16 minutes | Nov 25th 2020

Chris Cooper’s Top Lessons of 2020

It's been a hard year—for many gym owners, the hardest they've ever endured.

But it's also been filled with opportunities to learn, to become anti-fragile and to fast-track evolution. Gym owners who've made it this far have left the pond and now swim in an ocean of opportunity.

So don't let the hardship you endured this year go to waste. Learn from it and get stronger. Here are the top 10 lessons Chris Cooper learned.


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2:10 – How Two-Brain Business evolved to respond to the COVID crisis.

3:24 – You don’t have time to build your wings on the way down.

4:20 – When time counts, mentorship becomes more valuable.

4:46 – Communication is everything.

5:46 – Your business is only as strong as your team.

6:28 – Your team is only as strong as its tools.

7:04 – Your tools are only as strong as the systems you’ve used to build them.

7:43 – Be anti-fragile.

8:50 – The first to evolve wins.

11:26 – Forgiveness is important.

12:52 – In a crisis, leadership is invaluable.

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