38 minutes | Jul 10, 2017

Ep 12: A Conversation with Sahadev Sharma

The Athletic journalist and Chicago Cubs beat writer Sahadev Sharma joins the Two Strike Approach podcast and host Lance Brozdowski, to talk the state of baseball coverage, ESPN’s development, how marketing the game has evolved, and whether a 3hr game is really an issue at all (0:00 – 38:00).

Massive thanks from Lance, the BigThreeSports crew, and the Two Strike Approach podcast, to Sahadev for taking the time to sit down and chat!

Host on Twitter – @LanceBrozdow

Guest on Twitter – @SahadevSharma

Note: Apologies for the leaf blower drone around the 32:00 mark, neighbors picked an extremely opportune time to do some yard work! 

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