48 minutes | Oct 18th 2020

030 - Alcohol and spirituality

Paula and Jo will be chatting to Christine in this episode, all about alcohol and spirituality. You might think the two couldn't be more opposite ends but when people are in recovery it's the ONE thing that can keep them sane. Lots of people have misconceptions about Alcoholics Anonymous and that the group is a cult and very much focused in religion. It isn't either of those things. People fear what they don't know. In this episode Jo and Paula will discuss with Christine how her drinking impacted on her spirituality, what the connection is between AA and spirituality and comparing the two as well as barriers to spirituality. Christine Website: http://habitbreaker.org/ If you'd like to feel connected in a safe place with others just like you, join the Daughters of Alcoholics Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/daughtersofalcoholics Sometimes you just need to speak to someone, if you want a chat with Jo about something you're struggling with, click here to book a call: https://cozycal.com/joannehuey42 In the meantime, you can have a look at this brochure that answers and explains some of the basics of dealing with a drinker. Click here to get your copy. Remember to share the podcast with others so those still struggling feel supported. Jo and Paula are passionate about changing the perceptions and judgments around alcohol misuse. They work hard to raise awareness about the trivialisation of alcohol and have created a video and blog about it. Stop Alcohol Trivialisation Video: http://bit.ly/jhamcpcl Respect for Alcohol Blog: http://bit.ly/jhrfa Please use the hashtag #respectforalcohol, if you'd like to support their cause. Using it when you see examples of trivialisation and disrespect, remembering to tag us on social media. Twitter:   @Joanne_Huey Instagram:  @johuey_acoa Subscribe to You Tube:  http://www.youtube.com/c/JoHueybusiness