48 minutes | Oct 4th 2020

029 - Bullying, fitting in and alcohol misuse

It's time for episode 29 of the series, and Paula and Jo are talking to Jane about bullying and how fitting in at school was at the very start of her relationship with alcohol.

Jane now helps stressed mums in Bournemouth, and globally via online platforms, to get Clear, Calm, and Confident, through effective online Life Coaching courses, Confidence Coaching sessions and Holistic Therapies.

For many children fitting in is really important and there are many ways they do that, for some, once they've chosen alcohol it can be the start of a longer relationship with it that they could have never foreseen.

In today's episode they'll be sharing how alcohol can be used as a crutch, and without realising it become something so much more. Looking at how available it is and how it's rarely frowned upon because it's so acceptable in society. No one starts of using alcohol because they want an addiction, it grows over time.

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