41 minutes | Sep 5th 2020

027 - Inside details of drink spiking

Today in the podcast Jo and Paula will be talking about drink spiking.  In the interview Paul and Jo will be discussing what it is, what happens when someone is spiked, how do pubs and other drinking establishments react and what can we do to prevent this. Joining in the conversation with Paula and Jo today is Dawn Dines. Dawn has worked for Children’s Services, and for nearly 7 years was a residential social worker. This involvement fuelled her desire to help young people. The fears expressed to Dawn by parents and children about drink spiking motivated her to do something about the hugely under-reported crime. She came to realise it is a massive problem in which both the fear of being spiked, and the crime itself can impact on families. In the interview Dawn will be telling us which is the most popular way of spiking, and it's not the one you might think! Here are some links for Dawn if you'd like to get in touch with her: https://stoptopps.com https://www.sosuk.org.uk https://www.sosglobal.org If you'd like to feel connected in a safe place with others just like you, join the Daughters of Alcoholics Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/daughtersofalcoholics Sometimes you just need to speak to someone, if you want a chat with Jo about something you're struggling with, click here to book a call: https://cozycal.com/joannehuey42 In the meantime, you can have a look at this brochure that answers and explains some of the basics of dealing with a drinker. Click here to get your copy. Remember to share the podcast with others so those still struggling feel supported. Jo and Paula are passionate about changing the perceptions and judgments around alcohol misuse. They work hard to raise awareness about the trivialisation of alcohol and have created a video and blog about it. Stop Alcohol Trivialisation Video: http://bit.ly/jhamcpcl Respect for Alcohol Blog: http://bit.ly/jhrfa Please use the hashtag #respectforalcohol, if you'd like to support their cause. Using it when you see examples of trivialisation and disrespect, remembering to tag us on social media. Twitter:   @Joanne_Huey Instagram:  @johuey_acoa Subscribe to You Tube:  http://www.youtube.com/c/JoHueybusiness