81 minutes | Feb 24, 2021

Episode 62: Actually Against Academia (with Lee Jussim)

Lee Jussim joins the show to argue that we have been too soft on academia. We discuss problems in psychology and the social sciences including ideological bias, politically-motivated retractions, and more. Have things gotten better or worse over the past 10 years? Plus: is Lee bad at Twitter?Special Guest: Lee Jussim.Links:6ix Days in Dade – Bellwoods BreweryAvion Anejo | Spirits ReviewBalt County BreweryWhite Picket Fence – Bellwoods BreweryRabble Rouser | Psychology TodayThe Princeton Faculty's Anti-Free-Speech Demands - The AtlanticA Model of Political Bias in Social Science ResearchMicroaggressions, Questionable Science, And Free Speech
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