79 minutes | Nov 11, 2020

Episode 57: Against Academia?

Mickey and Yoel tackle the pros and cons of academia. As an academic, is it taboo to say you love your job? How hard do we work anyway? If we ran the world, how would we change academic hiring? Also: why do reporters call us and ask us for our opinion?Links:Grapefruit and Elderflower - Collective Arts BrewingChanging demographics of scientific careers: The rise of the temporary workforce | PNASThe path to professorship by the numbers and why mentorship matters | Behavioural and Social Sciences at Nature ResearchSystematic inequality and hierarchy in faculty hiring networks | Science AdvancesWant to Be a ‘Volunteer Adjunct’? Southern Illinois U. Is HiringCollege faculty still far less diverse than students in race, ethnicity | Pew Research CenterFive Years of Tech Diversity Reports—and Little Progress | WIREDThough more women are on college campuses, climbing the professor ladder remains a challengeNew study analyzes how faculty pay compares worldwideSylvan Esso - Ferris Wheel
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