75 minutes | Aug 12, 2020

Episode 51: Against Orthodoxy

After over a year of (mostly) avoiding controversial topics, Yoel and Mickey dive in to talk about orthodoxy, dissent, and "cancel culture." Does the narrowing of acceptable views make us dumber or does it represent a drawing of new moral boundaries that make us more kind? How does the silencing of dissent lead to self-censoring? Why does it appear like some people are given more permission to dissent than others? Is cancel culture leading to a right-wing backlash? Bonus: Why was the podcast account suspended from Twitter?Links:LINEHOUSE LONDONJW CITRUS APA | Gillingham Brewing CompanyJuicy Ass IPA | Flying Monkeys Craft BreweryPicnic - Henderson BrewingA Letter on Justice and Open Debate | Harper's MagazineThe Princeton Faculty's Anti-Free-Speech Demands - The AtlanticHarper's Letter: Artists and Writers Warn of an 'Intolerant Climate.' - The New York TimesOpinion | Do Progressives Have a Free Speech Problem? - The New York TimesHow Steven Pinker Became a Target Over His Tweets - The New York TimesThread: Since so many claim that cancel culture doesn't exist... / Twitter ‘White Fragility’ Is Everywhere. But Does Antiracism Training Work? - The New York TimesWho Opposes Defunding the N.Y.P.D.? These Black Lawmakers - The New York TimesOn a D.C. street beset by gun violence, calls to fix policing, not defund it - The Washington Post73% of Americans say race, ethnicity should not factor into college admissions | Pew Research CenterViews on America's Growing Racial, Ethnic Diversity | Pew Research CenterLarge Majorities Dislike Political Correctness - The AtlanticThe Ezra Klein Show - Free speech, safety, and ‘the letter’ | Listen via Stitcher for PodcastsTech Firms Hire 'Red Teams.' Scientists Should, Too | WIREDAn Actual Study Asked: Are Women With Endometriosis Hotter?Free speech has not been “canceled” - VoxAmericans tune in to ‘cancel culture’ — and don't like what they see - POLITICOIdentitarian Deference Continues to Roil Liberalism | by Matt Bruenig | Jul, 2020 | MediumPCgate!Open Lettergate!
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