83 minutes | Jul 29, 2020

Episode 50: The Upside of Feeling Bad (with Claudia Haase)

For their 50th episode, Yoel and Mickey welcome Northwestern University psychologist Claudia Haase to the podcast to discuss relationships and mistakes. What was life like in East Germany before the fall of the Berlin wall? How can Yoel and Mickey iron out their relationship problems? How is life as a working academic and mother during a global pandemic? Why are people so scared to admit to their mistakes? How can we learn from failure? Bonus: Should you delete Twitter?Special Guest: Claudia Haase.Links:Daisy Cutter Pale Ale — HALF ACRECorona (beer) - WikipediaBloodmoon – Whitewater Brewing Co.Stella Artois - Belgian Pale Lager BeerSociety of Beer Drinking Ladies Brew 0001 - Henderson BrewingLife-Span Development Lab – Northwestern UniversityEmotion regulation predicts marital satisfaction: More than a wives’ taleExploring the Basis for Gender Differences in the Demand-Withdraw Pattern"Happy Wife, Happy Life" is some sexist bullsh!t. : unpopularopinion
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