46 minutes | May 19, 2021

72: How Work-Life Balance Can Be Obtained

Cherylanne Skolnicki is an authority on wellbeing, work-life balance, and human potential. Cherylanne grew up wanting to be a Fortune 500 CEO and started her career at Procter & Gamble where she worked for 15 years before founding The Brilliant Balance Company.  Brilliant Balance helps professionals get the most out of work and life through compelling content, comprehensive coaching programs, and a tightly knit community. As the founder and CEO, Cherylanne is the creative engine for the company; she is also a popular speaker, an advisor to corporate leaders, and a trusted coach to a roster of private clients. Cherylanne hosts the top-rated Brilliant Balance Podcast which reaches thousands of listeners each week with inspiring messages and practical advice. In this week’s episode, Jill Devine explained to Cherylanne the word balance is getting a bad rap because many people will say balance doesn’t exist. Cherylanne said there’s one image that has caused this way of thinking and she explained what that image is in the episode. The ladies also talked about Jill’s word for 2021, which is self-care and how that looks for Jill. Cherylanne gave some tips on daily practices to help with self-care tips. Cherylanne has a freebie for you. Our lives are so busy and it’s hard to manage all the things going on. With calendar control, you can align your time with your priorities and turn your TO DO List into a DONE list. FB: @cherylanneskolnickiofficial IG: @cskolnicki  IG: @brilliant_balance Jill would like to acknowledge and recognize the hard work moms put in on the daily. It can be a thankless job at times, and Jill wants these moms to know their worth, so she created the Supermom Shoutout, brought to you by Addy’s Way. Each recipient will receive a custom designed Supermom t-shirt from Addy’s Way, in addition to the Shoutout. This week’s Supermom Shoutout goes to Genny of St. Louis, MO. Allison nominated her and said: Genny Jessee is a Supermom in more ways than one! As co-founder and executive director of the June Jessee Memorial Foundation, she passionately supports children with medically complex, neurological conditions and their families. She tirelessly continues to find ways to bring needed resources and financial assistance to these families and has created a supportive and understanding community to provide comfort on their journeys battling complicated diagnoses. Genny does this all in loving memory of her daughter, June, who passed away shortly before her 4th birthday in 2016 due to complications of her own rare neurological condition. Genny’s personal courageous journey as June’s mom is very inspiring in itself, and she spreads so much love to others every day while also caring for her 2 little boys, June’s younger brothers, George and Peter. Genny - YOU are seen and YOU are supported! To nominate a Supermom (or you can nominate yourself) email hello@jilldevine.com. Submit the name of the Supermom, where they're from, and a brief description as to why Jill should shout out this particular Supermom. Two Kids and A Career Website: https://www.jilldevine.com/ Two Kids and A Career Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jilldevine/?hl=en Two Kids and A Career Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/JillDevineMedia/ Thank you to our sponsor: Evoke Creative
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