45 minutes | Apr 7, 2021

69: How Do You Know I Love You?

Self-care is the word Jill Devine chose for 2021. She’s still trying to figure out how self-care looks for her but talking to people like Dr. Amy Horn helps with defining what and how self-care can look.

Dr. Amy Horn is a Family Wellness Chiropractor at her practice, Abundant Health STL, in Arnold, MO. Her goal is help people abundantly live and not be numb. She’s a member of SLiiM (St. Louis Institute of Integrative Medicine), which is the best resource for top functional medicine in STL. Amy’s ultimate dream/goal is to open a wellness center in the Arnold, Mo area.

When it comes to self-care, Amy offered up these suggestions:

*It’s about who AND what you’re filling your bucket with.

*You have to do the work, not just talk about it.

*Don’t listen to everyone’s opinion. Only turn to people you truly trust and who will be honest with you.

*Stop playing the comparison game with others.

In addition to being a business owner, Amy has three children: a son in college, a son in high school and a daughter in high school. The title of this episode, “How Do You Know I Love You?” was a quote by Amy. That question was a valuable lesson to her as a parent, as well as a turning point in raising her kids. When Amy explained why, it became a pivotal moment for Jill, and you’ll hear why when you take a listen to this week’s episode.

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Jill would like to acknowledge and recognize the hard work moms put in on the daily. It can be a thankless job at times, and Jill wants these moms to know their worth, so she created the Supermom Shoutout. This week’s Supermom Shoutout goes to Nan of St. Charles, Missouri. Two weeks ago, Nan nominated Steph of St. Charles. Steph’s daughter, Addie, chimed in and agreed with the nomination, which led to Nan also nominating Addie. That nomination led to Addie nominating Nan. So, it’s coming full circle with the initial nomination from Nan! Here’s what Addie said about Nan:

Nan, I nominate you right back! You’re a career-driven, family focused, incredible friend, and incredible person overall. You handle stress with such a level head and ALWAYS know how to approach life with a wide lens into the future. I’m so grateful to call you my friend.

Nan - YOU are seen and YOU are supported!

To nominate a Supermom (or you can nominate yourself) email hello@jilldevine.com. Submit the name of the Supermom, where they're from, and a brief description as to why Jill should shout out this particular Supermom.

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