35 minutes | Mar 12, 2019

Two Fashion B*tches And A Cranky Old Man - Episode 9

It’s a week a death, divorce, deportation, and most importantly, DARKNESS, for the two bitches and cranky old man. Luke perry has died and there are a lot of feelings and emotions. The gang touches on Jussie smollets indictment - but doesn’t want to give too much attention to an offensive hoax. Are jordyn and Kylie friends again? Is this whole thing a set up? The world may never know. Meghan markle loses yet another employee proving what the group has thought for some time. Lots of drama to discuss in the bravosphere from RHONJ to RHOBH - LVP vs. Teddi?! Is Joe getting deported?! Moving on to The bachelor, Colton has FINALLY jumped the fence and cried a lot and Cassie’s AMAZING Dad is the reason why. Lots of darkness in the world unfolding this week!
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