34 minutes | Apr 28, 2019

Two Fashion B*tches And A Cranky Old Man - Episode 10

After a bit of a hiatus, the gang is back together for episode 10, discussing the drama behind the podcast break (almost break up thanks to a cranky old man!). Next up, the group discusses the most pressing news issues in entertainment, obviously. Should Lori Loughlin go to jail? And a breakdown of the college admissions scandal. Is Britney okay or is she being held against her will? More importantly, rob has never heard a Britney Spears song so Emmie and Dara are forced to educate him on the importance of the pop princess’ music. Cult vibes are coming from Kanye and his weird Sunday service. What kind of church sells $70 T-shirt’s? Arya Stark lost her virginity on GOT and people are concerned. The mid season trailer of RHONY is wild and bob is of course on team countess “Luanna” the love of his life. Lots to unpack this week!
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