127 minutes | Apr 20th 2021


Ahoy, you swarthy gold swiping, ship sinking sea dog! Modern warfare is no match for the fierce realism of Steven Michael and Aaron. Aye, matey! That's why plundering and pillaging are back in style, as you command the role of a high seas high-jacker. Either an English Buccaneer (Michael), Dutch Adventurer (Justin), Spanish Renegade (Aaron), or French Explorer (Steven Michael), each with a different skill level and strategic impact. As a swashbuckling Bit Brother, you'll barter with Aaron, trade for hidden treasure maps, negotiate with an unscrupulous Steven Michael and forge alliances with Justin who'd just as soon stab you in the back than float you a loan for new ships. But that's only half the battle! You'll also assault other game systems (Sega Genesis), sword fight with Michael, lay siege to CRT TVs, and fire your cannons broadside at an armada of rival podcasts. Arrrg, me swabby! Don't think it's all fun and destruction. Because if your bloodthirsty crew isn't kept happy boarding and burning enemy vessels, or if your navigation skills leave them shipwrecked on a jagged Caribbean reef, they won't think twice about using you for shark bait. Fortunately, if events do take a nasty turn, you can save the statistical loot you've captured and return with a vengeance on another day. So keep your eye (the one that doesn't have a patch over it!) on your ultimate objectives - power, fame, prestige, gold, land, and the hand of a beautiful maiden - and you'll find the sailing smooth and your "red beard" scraggly! Brought to you by the Bit Brothers Network
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