48 minutes | Sep 17, 2016

045 - Ryback Beats Up A Car

Jamaine is still away, so Spencer and Rhys call in the big guns; long-time wrestling fan, former manager and reverse Andy Kaufman, Paul Amos. Paul joins the lads as they break down the two biggest things going on in wrestling this week. First up, Backlash! With a whole spate of new championships and angles, how is the blue brand shaping up? With a homophobic champion, no less! Then, the boys have a regular markout about what a wonderful journey the CWC was, and talk about the budding Crusierweight Division heading to Raw. All capped off with 'Banks Watch', a whacky morning radio show and a traditional dump on Ryan Reeves (FKA Ryback). Ah-oooogah! Trailer: Boners of The Heart
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