43 minutes | Aug 14, 2016

040 - FeedMeMore.com

Wake up, it's feeding time! Another exciting episode of Two and a Half Count on the books, and what a doozy it was. First up, the guys breakdown their experience with the recent WWE Live show in Auckland, and how the live experience differs from watching it on TV - with a special focus on how Chris Jericho might actually be the best in the world at what he does, do you understand what we're saying to you right now? The guys proudly present another edition of their regular 'The CWC is awesome' series, breaking down the best 'Oh my gosh' moments of the second round of the tournament. And if that wasn't enough, they've also got an update on everyone's favourite big dangerous moron Ryback, as he takes his unique brand of ten-year-old writing skills and new age mysticism to the World Wide Web.
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