44 minutes | Jul 10, 2016

034 - Dilapidated boat, I Knew You'd Come

After veering off course to talk about some actual important news for a change, the guys spend some time (probably way too much time) breaking down TNA's infamous Jeff Hardy vs Matt Hardy 'Final Deletion' match that went down this week. Was it a masterpiece - the modern art of pro-wrestling? Or was it a very poorly produced pile of garbage, put together by two drugged out hillbillies? The guys break down this 'match', and get into a heated debate about what wrestling is, and whether or not a dilapidated boat can make or break a performance. Then they move onto Zack Ryder, and talk about whether having two televised wins in the last week is the start of a new Ryder Revolution, or just a chance for us to get hurt again. Finally, they chat Dolph Ziggler's recent shortcomings as Rhys is forced to find a new favourite wrestler.
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