68 minutes | Feb 12, 2021

What's The Rush on Commitment? None.

On this episode we are talking about our opinions on a crazy little thing called LOVE. Shoutout to Quoya for having this convo on our TL. We express how important it is to heal, love yourself, let go, and seek a therapist. Listen to your friendsss, they KNOW who isn't good for you. Scared of love and commitment? Come find out our thoughts and why we are or are not. There are so many gems to uncover on this weeks' episode since we toned it ALL THE WAY DOWN! Make sure to follow us, subscribe, and like our posts on all social media platforms @twistedperceptionpodcast. Tell your friends, to tell they friends. Happy listening! Songs Of The Week Honorable Mention - Jus O They Forgot 3 - Leaf Ward
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