59 minutes | Apr 24, 2021

If You Don't Have It... Just Say That!!!

On this episode of TPP it gets a little... We are discussing marriage and friendships with the opposite gender. We also discuss relationships and who should be paying for what. Find out part of what L.Marie looks for in relationships and it's NOT just money. Are all women asking men how much money they make on the first date and are you dating someone outside of your specific tax bracket? Happy Listening!!!!! Sponsored by: Ella Paradis, Make sure you go check out what they have in store. Click the link here in the description or in the bio to our podcast social media pages. 85% off spring sale going on! you do not want to miss it!!!! https://www.ellaparadis.com/?utm_source=pepperjam&utm_medium=affiliate&utm_campaign=235747&utm_term=3527923017&utm_content=3-258310&clickId=3527923017 Songs Of The Week: Clouded - Brent Faiyaz Still your best - Giveon Podcasts of the week: That's Why You're Blocked For Clips follow us on IG: @TWISTEDPERCEPTIONPODCAST TIKTOK: @TWISTEDPERCEPTIONPODCAST Like us, follow us, share us, and subscribe !!!!
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