70 minutes | Apr 3, 2021

Flaming Hot Coochie!!!!

On this episode of TPP we are announcing our new sponsor. Shout Out to Ella Paradis! Make sure you guys click the link below for all of your sexual needs. They are having an 85% off sale for spring! You do not want to miss that. This episode Dennis The Menace is joining us from his car and sounds like he's calling in from jail lol but we are discussing your family still inviting your ex to the functions. L. Marie feels passionate about not blocking your blessings & missing North Philly but not that much. Find out why we named this episode what we did & so much more! Happy Listening! Ella Paradis Link https://www.ellaparadis.com/?utm_source=pepperjam&utm_medium=affiliate&utm_campaign=235747&utm_term=3527923017&utm_content=3-258310&clickId=3527923017 IG: twistedperceptionpodcast tiktok: twistedperceptionpodcast Make sure to check our socials for clips and upcoming events or announcements. Podcasts of the week: Carlie's Couch The need to know podcast Songs of the week: Peaches - Justin Bieber, Giveon, & Daniel Caesar Quarantine Wifey - Saint JHN
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