55 minutes | Nov 30th 2016

Twin Peaks Unwrapped 78: The Return to Log Lady Intros with John Thorne

Bryon and Ben discuss with John Thorne the Log Lady intros, H. Perry Horton about his new collection of essays, and Joel Bocko about what will the new Twin Peaks show be like. 

John Thorne @thornewip  AboveTheStore.blogspot.com The Essential Wrapped In Plastic: Pathways to Twin Peaks is available on Amazon at http://amzn.com/099710810X 

Joel Bocko @LostInTheMovies
 JourneyThrough Twin Peaks video essay: http://thedancingimage.blogspot.com YouTube: MovieMan028 

H. Perry Horton @hperryhorton @rejectnation hphorton.wix.com/author-blog

BETWEEN TWO WORLDS: Perspectives on Twin Peaks Kindlehttp://goo.gl/2WFZl3  Paperback: http://goo.gl/UAk84k 

Music by Silencio Visit official Silencio website at Delsilencio.net Both of their albums are available on iTunes, cdbaby, Amazon and more! “Sycamore Trees" lyrics by David Lynch, music by Angelo Badalamenti

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