107 minutes | Dec 9th 2019

Twin Peaks Unwrapped 208: Season Two Madness

Bryon Kozaczka hosts "Season Two Madness" with his panel of experts as they will determine the best episode of season two of Twin Peaks, of all Time!!! (According to us)

Panel of Experts are: Sam Witt @TwinPeaksReddit Twin Peaks Reddit Page: HERE

Joel Bocko @LostinTheMovies Lost in the Movies.com: HERE Patreon.com/Lostinthemovies: HERE

Ben Durant @TwinPeaksUnwrap Pre-Order Twin Peaks Unwrapped The Book: HERE Use Code "KYLE" to save $5 off the cover price and you will receive a special podcast at a future date once we hit 200 pre-orders. Tee Public Merch Table: HERE YouTube Channel: HERE FaceBook: HERE Drop us a email at twinpeaksunwrapped@gmail.com

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