84 minutes | Nov 18th 2019

Twin Peaks Unwrapped 206: Community Rewatch S1: Episode 7

On the Twin Peaks Community Rewatch show, we discuss episode 7 with Lindsay Stamhuis, Aidan Hailes and Joel Bocko. 

Lindsay Stamhuis @linzstam & @TheBicksPod Aidan Hailes @aidanhailes & @TheBicksPod The Bicks: HERE Joel Bocko @LostinTheMovies Lost in the Movies: HERE

Unseen Players: Scene 1: Blackie played by Francine "The Lucid Dream": @FrancineD Audrey played by Seedy Edie: facebook.com/Seedy-Edie schafferthedarklord.com

Scene 2: Jerry Horne played by Schaffer The Darklord: @schafferthedark Heba played by Francine "The Lucid Dream" francineburlesque.com 

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