104 minutes | Jul 8th 2018

Just Do This For Me! Steven Universe

It's recurring guest Kate Kulzick's birthday, which means it's a perfect time for another installment of our regular segment Just Do This For Me!, in which one of our hosts or guests forces the others to watch a show of their choosing, and we talk about it on air.

This time, we take a look at Cartoon Network's bubbly, infectious animated series Steven Universe, just in time for the show's big StevenBomb event! Kate (and her Gem of a sister Maggie) join Allison and Clint to talk about the show's incredible cult following, surprisingly nuanced grasp of serialized storytelling and groundbreaking LGBT representation. Oh, and the songs, of course. So many great songs.

(Note: Some technical difficulties affected the audio quality of this episode, apologies for that. We'll be back to our sprightly, professional-sounding selves next week.)


7:41 - Picks of the Week:
Kate: Hannah Gadsby: Nanette (Netflix), Claws, "Scream" (TNT)
Allison: The Bold Type, "Stride of Pride" (Freeform), The Handmaid's Tale, "Postpartum" (Hulu)
Clint: GLOW, "The Good Twin" (Netflix), Pose, "Mother's Day" (FX)

20:37 - Bachelorette Haikus

Just Do This For Me!: Steven Universe
21:38 - Introductions
30:51 - Themes
42:53 - Characters
51:46 - Episodes
1:05:57 - Music
1:19:11 - The most recent StevenBomb

1:35:30 - Picks for Next Week:
Allison: Harlots season 2 (Hulu)
Kate: Handmaid's Tale finale (Hulu)
Clint: Sharp Objects (HBO), rewatching Babylon 5 (Amazon Prime)

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