25 minutes | May 12, 2021

The Many Layers of Ella Fitzgerald

From March 2018: An encore presentation of our March 2018 conversation with Grammy Award-nominated singer, author, comedian, radio host, and show business raconteur Geoffrey Mark. Geoff is the host of Geoffrey Mark Plays Ella, a new hour-long radio program featuring the music of the First Lady of Song, while his book Ella: A Biography of the Legendary Ella Fitzgerald: Centennial Birthday Edition is a comprehensive biography, discography, and videography of the iconic songstress whose rags to riches story embodied the American Dream. This week, we’ll talk to Geoff about Ella’s remarkable range as a singer (including her ability to sing virtually any song, from any era, and still make it her own), as well as her numerous appearances on television all over the world (including her famous Memorex commercials. Ella: A Biography of the Legendary Ella Fitzgerald: Centennial Edition is available in hardcover through Amazon.com.

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