91 minutes | May 22, 2020

What Else Are We Watching: May 2020

This month Karly and Allegra discuss the excellence that is Viola Davis and the emerging history of women's rights in 70s America. The two also try to decide if Henry Cavill's butt is worth an entire season of attention and what has has happened during past pandemics. Best of the Month 5:08 The Baker & The Beauty (ABC/Hulu) 10:16 Kingdom (Netflix) 14:24 Upload (Amazon Prime) So Close 18:38 Modern Love (Amazon Prime)  Who Wow'd Me 25:47 How To Get Away With Murder (ABC/Netflix) 34:11 Mrs. America (FX on Hulu) 49:25 Cults and Extreme Belief (Hulu) 52:33 Explained: The Pandemic (Netflix) 53:44 The Plot Against America (HBO)  Too Much TV 58:38 Becoming (Netflix) 58:58 Betty (HBO)  Was The Hype Worth It 1:00 Ozark (Netflix) 1:08 The Witcher (Netflix) 1:16 Question of the Month Allegra on Twitter | Karly on Twitter Intro: Upload (Amazon Prime) Season 1 Episode 2 featuring Nora and Nathan singing "Uptown Funk" by Bruno Mars Outro: Bob's Burgers Season 2 Episode 5 "Food Truckin"  Chime in: Facebook | Instagram | Email | Website | Twitter | Voicemail
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