87 minutes | Jul 21, 2020

What Else Are We Watching: July 2020

Karly and Allegra discuss what they have been binging and why. Of course, it is mostly women-centered shows that are the focus this month. They discuss their ideal dystopian existence and why they have the same thing on their "so much TV" list. Best of the Month~ The Great (Hulu) 2:16                                  Betty (HBO) 12:49                                  Patriot Act w/Hasan Minhaj (Netflix) 17:40 Who Wow'd Me~ Marvel Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (ABC) 25:34                              Insecure (HBO) 29:33                              Disclosure (Netflix) 37:12                             I Know This Much Is True (HBO) 39:53 So Close~ Batwoman (CW) 43:21 Was The Hype Worth It~ Homecoming (Amazon) 50:49                                           Hamilton (Disney+) 54:32 Too Much TV~ I May Destroy You (HBO) & LoveBirds (Netflix) 1:06                          I May Destroy You (HBO) & Peaky Blinders (Netflix) 1:09 Question of the Month~ 1:13 Allegra on Twitter | Karly on Twitter Intro song - "Good Time" by Brazilian Girls Chime in: Facebook | Instagram | Email | Website | Twitter | Voicemail
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