47 minutes | Jun 29th 2019

19 Angels in the OR with Tricia Barker

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Certified grief counselor and hospice professional Nina Impala welcomes Near Death Experiencer and author of the book, Angels in the OR, Tricia Barker.  Tricia had a profound near death experience in her Senior year of college. After her NDE Tricia suffered through many trials which her angels had assured her she would be okay.

Listen to Tricia's heartfelt words as she shares her story about how her near death experience lead her to teaching troubled kids and helping those to better understand that life is about love, joy, playfulness, and not just surviving and that the incredible importance that LOVE is all that matters.

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Losing someone we love is one of the most challenging, fearful, and heart-rending experiences we are ever likely to face, and it is also a very sacred and holy experience. How do we navigate such transitions with love and compassion for those we care for, while dealing with the inevitable maelstrom of emotions, thoughts, and feelings that are natural and inevitable? Drawing on her years of experience in spiritual healing, counseling and hospice care, Nina Impala shares stories of her experiences as a hospice volunteer and how those experiences prepared her for the final days of her own parents. Dearly Departed is about learning to see death and loss with the eyes of the heart instead of the eyes of the head to find peace, comfort, and hope for ourselves and those we love.

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