32 minutes | Oct 30, 2015

Thriving in a Post-Institutional World

As a hardworking student Claudia Eslahpazir's career goal was to become a global brand manager for a major company. It was an ambition she realized soon after graduating when she took a job at L'Oréal in New York City. She then worked in the corporate world until a trekking trip to Nepal inspired her to move into the nonprofit sector. But after several years she grew disillusioned with the culture in nonprofit organizations and realized there were more effective ways to make an impact. What you'll hear in this podcast: How she made the transition from corporate to nonprofit, to small business owner. Why many large institutions fail. The things that hold many entrepreneurs back. How to get your business idea off the ground. 'The tragic thing about US corporate culture is there's very little emphasis on grooming future leaders to be great managers. There are people who have 10 years' experience, they are people who've hit their numbers, proved they can drive sales and growth and intimidate their way to the top, but no one is asking: how do employees feel about them? Do they make people want to work here?' Like TurnPoint Radio? Don’t miss out the next episode. Subscribe via iTunes Subscribe via Stitcher
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