58 minutes | Jun 10, 2018

Ep.1 - Jim Peeples: It's all about people

My guest today is Jim Peeples, President and Chief Operating Officer at Challenger Motor Freight – one of the largest trucking companies in Canada. He started his career at Michelin Tire and spent his time both in quality management and operations. As he transitioned to Purolator Courier, Jim has proven himself a true leader and ran operations, air network, and even Sales, always driven by the same principle – no challenge is impossible, if everyone’s aligned. Jim’s ability to effectively communicate and focus on putting people first has not only earned him enormous respect in the industry, but helped Challenger become one of the most successful carriers and sought out employers. In our conversation we discuss the value of polyvalent career path, the importance of choosing the right customers, framework for capital allocation, impact of autonomous vehicles, transition to people-centric culture, and key hiring principles for building a strong team. Jim’s focus on people, while unconventional in the trucking industry, is already paying its dividends.  With increasing shortage of talent, Challenger’s ability to attract and retain people is certain to become a competitive advantage. I hope you enjoy my conversation with Jim as much as I did.  
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