66 minutes | Aug 18, 2019

Episode 222 - Kid Congo Powers (The Gun Club, The Cramps, The Bad Seeds, The Pink Monkey Birds)

What is "cool"? Well, around here at Turned Out A Punk we think the very embodiment of the word cool is Kid Congo Powers & this podcast just got a hell of a lot cooler, because he’s on the show this week! Join Damian as he sits down with the former Cramp, Gun Cluber, Bad Seed & Screamers propagandist to talk about how LA glam kids took over the world. THIS IS NOT TO BE MISSED!!!!!

Also Touched On:

Helping invent punk
The Dogs and the Motels
The Glam kids meet the rock kids meet the record collector kids
Seeing Patti Smith and Ramones
Zolar X: hilariously dedicated
The faded glam of LA as an influenceLearning from Rodney
Th Quick: “Our Sparks”
Backdoor Man Magazine was the Bible
The birth of Zine culture
Doing the first Ramones zine
The odd crowd the Ramones attracted 
16 and standing beside Dee Dee
Thrift shopping with Blondie
The Nerves, The Pop and the Zippers
“Glad I was there for that”: life with The Screamers
Pat Suzuki and Argento
“You have to see this band the Cramps!”
Took the bus from LA
Going to New York and seeing the Contortions
Befriending Brian Gregory and Nick Knox
The Mumps come to LA
The Student Teachers
The Blessed
“Those people were sick!” No Wave people were no fucking joke
“Yeah I noticed” The shift from punk to hardcore
Opening for the Circle Jerks with the Creeping Ritual
“They Hated Us!”
Here come the angry kids
Going to see the Slits play in the UK
Record shopping in Paris in ’77
Working at Bomp

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