26 minutes | Mar 25th 2020

What Your Audience Wants vs. What YOU Want (Which One Should You Listen To?)

In business, market research is one of the most important things. You have to (and should!) listen to your audience… BUT there IS a fine line with that. There’s feedback that is extremely valuable and can take your business to new heights and there’s also feedback that will DISTRACT you and BLOCK you from reaching your business goals.

In today’s episode we’re going to talk about that dilemma: How do you know when to listen to your audience, and when to listen to your own intuition? What if you disagree with the feedback? What if the feedback is making you question everything? By listening to today’s episode, you’re going to learn exactly HOW you can differentiate the difference between solid market research that you do that's going to drive your business FORWARD vs. the type of market research that actually HURTS your business.   Sign up for the free masterclass: www.bossgramacademy.com/masterclass 
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