29 minutes | Mar 10th 2020

I got fired by a client. Here's what happened and how to handle it.

Maybe this is a topic that really hits home for you. Maybe it's something that is your biggest fear to be fired by a client or maybe it's something that happened to YOU and you have been really keeping it to yourself because you're embarrassed about it.   To be honest with you, this is actually the very first time that I've talked about this publicly. When I got fired by a client, it really took a big toll on my self esteem to the point where I actually contemplated shutting down my business.   This is a real story where a former client of mine blindsided me and told me that she no longer wanted to work with me. It’s something that took me a long while to recover from.   By the end of this episode, I give you guys some key lessons that I learned from this situation so if YOU ever find yourself in a similar position you’ll be able to find the strength to pick yourself back up from your feet and you not give up on your business.   Sign up for the free masterclass: www.bossgramacademy.com/masterclass
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