2 minutes | Mar 4, 2022

Welcome to Turn Up The Volume with Kate Moore

Welcome to Turn Up The Volume, a podcast where we delve into inspiring, provoking, and reflective conversations about the holistic, intuitive, and spiritual. Plus all the matrix-shattering magic that comes with understanding who we are.

I’m Kate Moore, and I’m fascinated by all things health, consciousness, psychology, and what it means for us to navigate life as spiritual beings in a physical world.

Engaging in honest and eye-opening conversations about topics including energy, quantum mechanics, homesteading, herbalism, intuition, the mind — and a whole lot more — we leave no stone unturned shaking down this beautiful cosmos for answers.

Fusing the mystic and scientific, each episode invites you live with more presence, wellbeing, and abundance. So pour a cup of your favorite brew, ready your mind for expansion, and join me as we turn up the volume together on a fun and flowing high-frequency life. This is the Turn Up The Volume podcast.

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