32 minutes | Apr 18, 2022

#5: Skills I’m Developing In The Kitchen For Healthier Food With More Diversity & Sustainability

There are several reasons DIY kitchen projects that go beyond strictly cooking meals are worthwhile. Accessibility, variety, wellness, finances and sustainability all included. I also think that the shorter the supply chain between me and my food the better it is for me from a nutritional and energetic standpoint. Developing some new skills to create options that are more alive and diverse from my own kitchen is fun, soulful, and just makes for better food. And honestly, do we ever need a reason to do anything beyond yummy, good for you food?

We’re diving into the kitchen in today's show where I’ll be sharing which new projects I’ve been experimenting with and what I'm excited to get into this spring season to introduce more diversity and sustainability into our meals.

Prepare for inspiration to strike in 3... 2... 1... Press play.

Full show notes: https://www.earthdwellerdaily.com/kitchenskillsforsustainability/ 

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