45 minutes | Nov 11, 2022

#31: The Dangers of Identifying With A Diagnosis & How To Free Yourself To Heal

In this episode, we explore what it means to be responsible for your own health, how to deconstruct the boxes that modern medicine dooms us with, and a different perspective to what a symptom complex might mean for your wellbeing.


We consider the spiritual and emotion component to our physical ailments as well as alternative strategies for healing the "unhealable" -- which I have seen done successfully in my own household with an autoimmune disease.


And of course, I offer up a challenge to what it means for us psychologically, and in turn for our physical state, when we identify with something as a core element of who we are or create a negative story about ourselves that we believe to be true.


If you're ready to shatter limitations and free yourself from a diagnosis or illness, press play to tune in now!


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