45 minutes | Nov 4, 2022

#30: Stepping Into Your Next Evolution By Celebrating How Far You've Come

Are you giving yourself enough credit for how many amazing things you could accomplish in 5 years? Join me in this episode as we journey back through time to celebrate internal shifts and growth as well as take account of where we want energy to move (and why it hasn't yet).


We discuss...

  • why quantum leaps and seemingly fast changes happen
  • signals to look for when we consider changes within ourselves
  • how to identify resistance and barriers in our lives
  • why celebrating our successes is a powerful tool for growth
  • powerful journaling prompts to guide you through this self-exploration
  • how to do the inner work to become the next best version of yourself


I also have a powerhouse rant in store for you if you need a little jolt to remember who you are and stop abdicating control over your life.


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