52 minutes | Oct 21, 2022

#28: 12 Signs You're Disconnected From Your Feminine Energies (& How To Embrace Them)

If you're feeling burned out, overwhelmed, or stressed, there's a good chance you have disconnected from your feminine energies. As women, fully embracing from the feminine leads to magical success in our health, relationships, and career, so I'm inviting you into a conversation where we examine what it looks like to live a more balanced, harmonious life in our beautiful feminine essence.


In this episode, we dive into...

  • challenges women face in corporate settings
  • how to break free from the hustle mentality
  • the contrast between the traits our culture rewards versus embracing who we truly are as women
  • a potential root cause to health issues if you're leaning too heavily on your masculine energies
  • what it looks like to embrace your feminine essence
  • warning signs that your masculine energies are too dominant
  • how to tap into your feelings and allow them to guide you
  • why chasing things won't get you what you want (and how be receptive)
  • the magic of embracing pleasure as part of our natural wiring
  • the value of slowing down
  • and so much more!


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