54 minutes | Sep 2, 2022

#24: BTS Into Restructuring My Morning Routine For Health, High Vibes, & Manifesting

Morning routines used to be a struggle for me... but no longer! In this episode, I'm sharing with you how I completely redesigned my daily practices to better suit my needs and ground me before starting my day.


Tune in now to discover...


  • How I learned to balance the masculine and feminine energies of my morning practices to feel good about doing them
  • The dangers of launching into your day without prioritizing yourself
  • 7+ practices to consider when designing your morning routine
  • My favorite breakfast loaded with nutrients and adaptogens
  • What changed my mind about not liking to journal
  • How Human Design informs how I center myself so I can make the best decisions
  • My favorite written visualization practice for manifesting
  • Why a golf ball can be a super powerful emotional release tool when nothing else is working
  • Strategies to wind down at night for better sleep
  • The one thing I NEVER allow in the bedroom


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