50 minutes | Aug 10, 2022

#20: 3 Requirements For Successful Conscious Creation

Here's your how-to crash course in conscious creation. In this jam-packed episode, we dive into all things creative visualization including:

  • the limitations of passive meditation
  • what you didn't know about your mind's role in all of your previous life experiences
  • why visualization is king in your tool set
  • how to improve visualization skills
  • 3 requirements for creating experiences from visualization
  • why traditional affirmation and meditation techniques fall short and give mixed bag results
  • techniques to alter your subconscious belief systems
  • how to build confidence in mind mastery
  • how often to meditate throughout the day for optimal results

If you want to learn how to meditate, further develop your awareness and creative abilities, stop hustling for what you want, be in control of your thoughts, and turn your dreams and desires into your external reality, this episode is for you. Press play to get started.


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