71 minutes | Sep 26, 2011

Truthfully Geeking Podcast Ep51

TG Episode 51 - Sep 26th, 2011 (www.truthfullygeeking.com) Game Reviews PS3 - Uncharted 3D Trailer, Resistance 3, Mod Nation Characters, MLB Show Contest, Playstation Mystery Commercial, Cross Gamer Chat Maybe? XBox - Gears of War 3 Gameplay, 3D, and Sales. PC - StarTrek Online becomes Free To Play, Zombie MMO, Windows8 w/XBoxLive, Social Gaming Wii - NCIS, Just Dance Kids Tech News Nicky Picks - Google + Steve Picks - BluRay and Gaming Ralph Picks - Automobile Collision Detection New Game Releases None Music in this Podcast Intro Song by Ralph, Nicky, and Steve submit songs at info@truthfullygeeking.com
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