50 minutes | Apr 16th 2021

On the Trail of Bigfoot

Tony talks with author Mike Dupler about his book "On the Path of Bigfoot," a firsthand account from paranormal researcher and skilled outdoorsman on his many years of investigations into the Bigfoot phenomena. It features his own encounters with these enigmatic creatures, complete with photographs. "On the Trail of Bigfoot" also offers compelling theories as to the origins and arrival of Bigfoot in North America. Unique to this book is a detailed examination of stick structures attributed to Sasquatch, providing a wealth of information and reasoned speculation on the nature of these enigmatic calling cards that serve as haunting reminders of Bigfoot's presence. Other evidence examined provides insight into possible communication techniques, such as tree knocks and perhaps even a spoken language, and an exploration of the implications of Bigfoot's social interactions and higher intelligence.Learn more about this book at https://www.target.com/p/on-the-trail...​Please Subscribe and Share This Show! We appreciate your support!!! www.truthbetoldworldwide.com
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