64 minutes | Mar 19th 2021

Is there a Conspiracy to hide Alien Technology in Secret Underground Bases?

Tony talks with documentary filmmaker Darcy Weir, along with expert guest Gary King, to discuss his film "THE UNDERGROUND," which addresses the existence of secret underground bases being used to hide alien technology from the public. Darcy is an independent filmmaker from Canada, trained as a video editor, writer, director and producer in university and technical college, he has chosen to work on some of the more fascinating subjects that are discussed today. He recently completed a new documentary based on the theory that Relic Hominids like Sasquatch live in deep wilderness all around the world. He published a remastered version of an earlier film about Phil Schneider, underground bases and secret space. He is currently working on a documentary about UFO Volcano Mysteries and Crop Circles which will be out in March.http://www.occultjourneys.comPlease Subscribe and Share This Show! We appreciate your support!!! www.truthbetoldworldwide.com
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