63 minutes | Jun 11th 2019

#18: You Are Enough with Lee Chaix McDonough

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In today’s episode, Whitney has the pleasure of interviewing therapist, coach, and founder of Caravel Coaching, Lee Chaix McDonough. Lee’s goal is to partner with healers, helpers, and creative entrepreneurs who want to grow successful businesses and lead fulfilling lives. Lee is here to talk about ACT, or Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, and how it has changed her life and the lives of her clients. ACT was developed as a therapeutic process, but it can be so much more than that and help you tap into your full potential. Check out Lee’s book, Act On Your Business, to hear some incredible insight on ACT and see how it may help change your life and business for the better! 

Whitney shares:

  • How Lee made her way to writing her book
  • What changes Lee saw in her life through ACT
  • Importance of seeing yourself as whole or enough
  • Personal struggles with body image and relationship with food
  • Separating your unwanted thoughts from your identity
  • Understanding why the mind creates self-hate
  • The 3 M’s and what they really mean
  • What you can do when you know what your core values are
  • Mindset effects on how we view the world around us
  • Having awareness in the present moment
  • Validation for every internal experience that you have
  • Lee’s healing process when discovering ACT
  • Making yourself smaller out of fear
  • There’s nothing inherently wrong or bad about you
  • Defining intuition and how to know when you are acting from an intuitive place


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Act On Your Business

To keep up with Lee visit https://actonyourbusiness.com

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