35 minutes | Jul 18, 2022

Special Relationships, Part 2/3: The Lisbon Connection | Historical

After a shaky start, the friendship between Britain and America has blossomed in to one of the most important alliances on the world stage. In this anthology, Vanessa Kirby relates three crucial chapters in the evolution of the Special Relationship.

In Part 2, scholar and intelligence professional Dr. Anthony Wells takes us behind the scenes in WW2-era Lisbon, where rival spies work tirelessly to turn the tide of war. Among their number is Commander Ian Fleming, who mounts an operation that will provide the inspiration for a daring new American intelligence agency...

Could YOU survive in the City of Spies? From SPYSCAPE, the home of secrets. A Cup And Nuzzle production. Series producers: Gemma Newby, Joe Foley. Produced by Joe Foley. Music by Nick Ryan.

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