41 minutes | Sep 5, 2022

Mexican Maneuvers, Part 1/2: Pancho and Cisco

In Mexico, life can come cheap - but some are worth millions. When ruthless gangs kidnap the loved ones of the wealthy, the ransoms can soar in to seven-figure sums. And when that happens, Nick Brokhausen and Jeff Miller are the men you want on your side of the negotiating table. They're former Special Forces operatives who've spent a lifetime solving problems and making money in some of the most dangerous parts of the world.

In Part 1, Vanessa Kirby joins Jeff and Nick on the trail of a kidnapping victim in Texcoco - and they'll use any means necessary to see his safe return. From SPYSCAPE, the home of secrets. A Cup And Nuzzle production. Series producers: Gemma Newby, Joe Foley. Produced by Max Bower. Music by Nick Ryan.

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